Vegter Violins

Here at Vegter Violins we believe the best way to purchase and instrument or bow is for them to be played and tried out here in our Cork City workshop before making a purchase.
There are many factors involved in finding the right violin and bow for players, including:

  • How the instrument sounds, feels to play and comfort of playing.
  • The Chin and Shoulder Rests need to be right for each individual to ensure that posture and comfort issues are addressed.
  • The weight and balance of the bow.

For student players, their music teacher usually would like to see a new instrument before it is purchased to make sure it is right for the student. Advanced and Professional players usually need to try a number of instruments and bows before they find one that suits them.
As a result of the above we are currently offering only a limited number of instruments and bows for sale to “Click and Collect”.

Instrument and outfit prices are determined by the price at the time we purchase them so there may be variations in some of the prices shown.
Backorder items are not in stock just now but may be on the way to the workshop, simply get in touch with our team today on or call 0214506868 to see if the instrument size you are looking for will soon be in stock.
We sell new, refitted or antique instruments.

Our refitted instruments are usually trade in instruments once the previous owner upgrades their instrument. We completely refit the instrument with new strings as well as any other fittings needed to put the instrument back into a sellable condition.
Our antique instruments are repaired where necessary and restored if this improves the playability of the instrument.
Our new instruments come to us in a "factory set" condition which is not to our high sales standard. We put quite a bit of work into improving the set-up of these instruments before we would consider them having a good enough quality for us to sell.

This work includes:

  • throw away factory strings and replace them with quality strings;
  • rework or replace the bridge and soundpost;
  • lower the height of the bridge and nut;
  • reshape the neck and fingerboard to make it easier to hold and play.