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Advice for cleaning Instruments

During these troubled times we are all following the current advice with regard to hand washing and cleanliness.

For our Customers with Musical Instruments, particularly Violins and Violas, we understand your need to make sure that your instrument is clean and disinfected if possible. We advise you NOT to use antibacterial sprays / wipes or any other commercial cleaning solutions available. These products damage the finish to the instruments.
The best product available for cleaning and the one we use here in the workshop, which includes Antibacterial and Antimicrobial properties, is Eucalyptus Essential Oil which is available from most Pharmacies and Health Food shops.

Using a piece of clean, white kitchen roll, apply a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil. Wipe the desired area of your instrument until dirt is no longer showing on the kitchen roll or until the whole area has been wiped. Using a clean lint free cloth (or another piece of kitchen roll) buff the area just cleaned until the Eucalyptus Oil has completely evaporated.