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The bow is an important part of a string instrument, often impacting the overall quality and tone of sound produced. Oftentimes, bows are given less attention than they deserve, resulting in not achieving the best quality sound that may be possible of your string instrument. Vegter Violins offers a range of bow services including bows for sale, bow rehair, bow repair and the restoration of antique bows.

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Bow Repairs

If your bow has cracked, twisted, broken, or become overly worn, Vegter Violins can help. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we provide specialist bow repair services suitable for violin, viola, and cello bows. String instrument bow repairs can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing your bow, allowing you to keep your much-loved bow in great condition.
Here at Vegter Violins we provide expert advice and bow repair services for all faults, including bow tension corrections, structural repairs, thumb leather replacements, lapping replacements and cleaning services.
As a reliable independent business, we inspect every bow before doing repairs and will advise the customer on whether the repairs are worth it or not, ensuring that you’re not wasting time or money on a bow that has gone beyond repair.

We offer limited postal service for bow repairs, simply get in touch with our team today on or call 0214506868.

Most bows use horse tail hair which is a natural product. Hairs breaking over time is normal but if the volume of hairs breaking in a short period of time increases it could be time for a bow rehair.

Each time a bow is tightened to make the hair taut, the hair gets stretched, and contracts when the bow is loosened after using it. Similar to an elastic band over time bow hair will not stretch any further and would benefit from a bow rehair to restore it to its former glory.
Vegter Violins provides quick, efficient, and high-quality bow rehairing services for all types of bow, ensuring that the grip and tension of your bow is restored to work optimally again. With a team of expert violin makers in our workshop, you can rest assured that your bows are in safe hands as we work to make them good as new again. We would never recommend to rehair a bow if the cost of the rehair is greater than the value of the bow.

Vegter Violins sell a variety of different basic student bows whose cost is less or equal to a bow rehair.

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Bows FAQ

  • Where can I find violin bow repairs near me?

    Vegter Violins provides Cork violin bow repairs including structural repairs, bow rehairing, tension adjustments, restoration works, and more.

  • Is there any special care that I need to take of my bow?

    We strongly advise that the bow hair is not touched by hands or fingers as the natural oils in your hand will transfer to the bow and will attract dust and dirt particles in the air making the bow hair dirty and will loose its grip on the string over time. Once the hair is dirty you should bring the bow to an experienced luthier for a clean.

    We also strongly advise to loosen the horse hair after every time it is used to prolong the usable life of the bow hair.

  • How much does it cost to get a bow repaired?

    The price of bow repairs varies depending on the extent of damage to your bow. Get in touch with the team at Vegter Violins today for a free estimate on the price of bow repairs today.

  • What is bow rosin?

    Bow rosin is a material obtained from tree sap that helps create friction between the bow hair and instrument strings for the production of sound. Vegter Violins sells a range of bow rosin suitable for violins, violas, and cellos.

  • How often should I put rosin on my violin bow?

    It is not necessary to Rosin your bow every day, only if you are losing grip on the strings. See “Put link to FAQ for bow rosin here” for further information.

  • Why is rosin falling onto my instrument?

    If rosin is “snowing” onto your instrument then it is likely that you are using too much rosin on the bow. If you have been using the bow for some time and you are finding you have to use more and more rosin each time you play but are still not getting a good grip then we would advise you bring the bow to the workshop so we can clean the bow hair.

  • What type of bow rosin should I use?

    Light and dark rosins can result in different responses from your bow. A dark rosin is coarser than the light and can result in a brighter sound from your instrument. A light rosin can result in a softer sound from your instrument.

    It may be an idea for the more experienced player to experiment with different rosins to see which suits best.