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Bowed String Instruments

With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and selling of violins and other string instruments, Vegter Violins are experts when it comes to the industry, supplying a range of violins, violas, and cellos to suit all levels of player. Based in Cork City, our workshop has the perfect selection of string instruments to suit beginner up to professional players.
When offering string instruments for sale we guarantee quality, even offering a guaranteed trade-back of up to two thirds the value on all instruments purchased from us when the player is ready to upgrade (some terms apply).

Our team is passionate about helping you find the perfect violin, viola, or cello to suit your needs, always providing honest, personable, and in-depth advice to anyone who visits our workshop or gets in touch.
All instruments sold have been set up by a Professional Violin Maker. This includes replacing factory strings on student instruments, reshaping the neck and fingerboard, refitting the bridge, sound post and pegs and ensuring that the instrument is playable as soon as it leaves the workshop.

All instruments sold also come with an after sales service so that any minor adjustments that may be needed are included in the sales price of the instrument.

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Wide Range of String Instruments for Sale, Including:

  • 4/4 Violins

  • ½ Violins

  • ¾ Violins

  • 1/8 Violins

  • 15 ½ Violas

  • 16” Violas

  • 16 ½ Violas

  • 13” Violas

  • ½ Cellos

  • ¾ Cellos

  • 4/4 Cellos

  • Antique Violins, Violas & Cellos

  • Baroque Instruments

All our instruments are New, Refitted or Antique and are ready to play. We can source instruments by request where the size is not listed above.

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Vegter Violins FAQ

  • What instruments do you sell?

    Here at Vegter Violins, we provide violins, violas and cellos along with their respective bows for sale suitable for players of all levels.

  • What sound should I look for in a string instrument?

    Sound is very subjective and very difficult to explain. What one person can explain as “mellow” will mean something completely different to another person. A young player can play an instrument and like the sound without being able to explain what they like about the sound and that is normal. It can take years for a person to know what a player likes and how they would like the instrument to react / perform, so what a player likes in an instrument now can change over time with experience.

  • What size instrument should I get for my child?

    All string instruments come in a variety of size to suit the arm stretch of the player. There are a variety of different guidelines on how to determine the correct size for younger players, a general guideline would be 8 to 10 years old 1/2 size instrument, 10 to 12 years old 3/4 size, older than 12 years old 4/4 size and younger than 8 years old will depend on the height and hand size of the player. A way we prefer to use in this workshop to size an instrument for a player is as follows;
    Violins & violas:
    have the player hold the violin / viola as if they are playing it;
    have the player move their hand off the neck and over the scroll;
    if their fingers can easily wrap around the scroll then that size instrument is likely suitable for them;
    for violins, if they really have to stretch their arm to work their hand around the scroll then this violin size is likely too big for them,
    for violas, if playing causes the hand to strain, especially the 4th finger, then this size viola is likely too big for them.

    Cellos, we examine how a player can play a particular size cello:
    if the player has to completely stretch their hand and still needs to move their hand to get to the correct finger position then this instrument size is likely too big for them;
    if the player can easily stretch their fingers and get to the correct finger position then this instrument size is likely suitable for them
    For beginner students, teacher always knows what’s best for them. In all cases the music teacher in conjunction with an experienced luthier would be the best people to advise on the correct size instrument.

  • How much does a good instrument cost?

    The price of a violin varies greatly depending on what you want to use the violin for, e.g. whether you’re a beginner or professional player. For example, our starter beginner 3/4 violin outfits (violin, bow and case) start at €315 whereas a violin for very good young violin players we have violins going upwards from €2200. For more information on instrument pricing on our range of instruments for sale, simply get in touch today and a member of our team can advise you on prices.

  • How do I clean my violin?

    Violins should be cleaned after playing by using a cloth to wipe them down. We recommend using Eucalyptus Essential Oil to clean instruments more thoroughly; using a clean lint free cloth, place a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on the cloth and clean a section of the instrument before buffing the cleaned portion of the instrument with a clean, dry lint free cloth. The varnish on an instrument can wear down over time, if this happens and the wood is exposed you should bring the instrument to the workshop for a service.