Vegter Violins provides a variety of viola, cello and violin accessories including cases, stands, bows, strings, and more


By using high-quality accessories with your violin, viola, or cello, you can ensure a great sound and long-lasting quality that will truly make all the difference to your playing. As string instrument specialists, Vegter Violins provides a large selection of string instrument accessories for all levels of players ranging from cases and strings to music stands, bows, rosin, and more.
If you’re unsure of the best accessories to suit your individual instrument simply get in touch with our workshop today. As a team of string instrument experts, we offer straight-forward, honest, and personable advice on all of our products and accessories, recommending the best accessories to suit your needs at great prices guaranteed.
Chin Rests
Here at Vegter Violins we provide expert advice on fitting chin rests to ensure a player is using a correctly fitting chin rest for their instrument. It is important for the posture of a player to use a chin rest that fits comfortably and prevents strain to the neck. We would recommend making an appointment to discuss replacing or refitting a chin rest.

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String Instrument Accessories Suitable for All Players

  • Violin, Viola & Cello Strings

  • Violin & Viola Cases

  • Cello Cases & Bags

  • Violin & Cello Stands

  • Shoulder Rests

  • Chin Rests

  • Rosin

  • Mutes

  • Metronomes

Accessories FAQ

  • What accessories do you sell?

    Vegter Violins sells a range of viola, cello, and violin accessories including stands, cases, shoulder rests, mutes, metronomes, strings, and more.

  • Can you put strings on my violin?

    Yes absolutely. We can re-string any violin from our Cork workshop. We also sell strings for violins, and can offer this service and product as part of a package together.