In addition to the Outfits for sale below, we have a good range of small size starter violins available in our showroom. For 3/4 and 1/2 Violins we also have a selection of intermediate and Antique violins available, simply get in touch with our team today on or call 0214506868 for further information.
We recommend that younger plyers come to the workshop to try instruments out. Each size instrument comes within specific length tolerances that can differ up to 10mm in a given size and as it is possible for children to suffer physical injuries from playing instruments that are too large for them, we always recommend that they are properly sized to the correct violin. Teacher will also advise on which size they would recommend for the young player.

We also have the following 4/4 (Full Size) Violins available to view:

  • C&S Thompson, London circa 1780; Alliance Vivace strings, restored by Beare, London
  • Vincenzo Trusiano Panormo, Paris 1766;
  • H Vegter, Cork 2004; Strad Model (Betts 1704), 50-yo IT Maple, 40-yo FR Alpine Spruce Top;
  • Bertrand Galen, Cork 2004;
  • H Saito, Cork, 2020; Strad Model;
  • William Shepherd, London, 1976; signed;
  • Stylised with Curved Edges circa 1800, German, Steiner Influence;
  • Kevin Harrington, Newark 2011; Del Jesu Model;
  • Old English School Violin circa 1820, Restored;
  • Mick Roche, 2018; Guarneri Model;
  • Old German, Tyrolean, circa 1850’s, Labelled “Carlos Antonio Testore”, Boxwood fittings;
  • Aubert Lutherie “Vuillaume” Model, New, Handmade;
  • Old German, Tyrolean, circa 1900 with original antique finish, unlabelled;
  • M. Couturieux; Mirecourt early 1900’s, mint condition;
  • English, John Hammond 1945 (signed), Boxwood Fittings with Yew Fingerboard;
  • Old German, Labelled "Sebastian Klotz, Mittenwald…1909";
  • Old East German, early HOPF circa 1820 with original Neck;
  • Old German, Saxon School, Stradivari Model;
  • Contemporary English, Handmade Newark School, Stradivari Copy;
  • Old German from Alfred Moritz workshop labelled "Bergonzi....1891";
  • Old German Violin, Stainer Copy, Lions Head Scroll, Inlayed Edges;
  • Old German Violin Labelled “Andreas Morelli..”, Karl Herrmann workshop c. 1950’s;
  • Old English Violin, John Lamb, 1917, Stylised Guarneri Model;
  • Saxony, c1900s, Stylised ff holes, stamped “Vuillaume a Paris” on back;
  • Old German, Labelled “Karl Höfner, Baiersdorf 2002”;
  • Acoulon et Blondelet, Sarasate Professionel d’après Nicolaus Amati, 1659;
  • Old French “Compagnon” circa 1920’s;
  • Old East European, c1950’s, Slightly Shaded & Antiqued;
  • Old French Violin, Early 1900’s, restored;
  • Old French Medio Fino circa 1920’s;